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Claudia CauterucciABOUT CLAUDIA

Claudia Cauterucci holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and has over 15 years practicing outpatient psychotherapy with adults, couples, and groups. She specializes in identity transitions related to culture, sexuality, and coming of age. In addition, Claudia is a trauma-informed psychotherapist, who works from a foundational holistic approach which includes mind, body, spirit, and environment. She launches her work with trauma survivors from a documented neuroscientific finding called neuroplasticity, which posits that the brain has the continuous capacity to grow and improve; therefore, trauma can be managed, understood, and reshaped into an experience that empowers and generates optimum growth. Claudia’s work with couples has centered on cross-cultural, interracial, and gay partnerships, and she has expertise in issues related to infidelity, the subject of her graduate research.

Claudia works both in English and Spanish, and her treatment modalities include psychodynamic, insight-oriented, interpersonal, mindfulness (meditation), and neuroscientific approaches.

Accomplishments and Certifications

Claudia has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in the District of Columbia since 2003. Her professional accomplishments and certifications also include:

  • Advanced training in group process and treatment from the Washington School ofPsychiatry, and two-year program in group psychotherapy.
  • Over 10 years leading psychotherapy groups, with a 2010 certification by theAmerican Group Psychotherapy Association, formalizing her as a national expert ingroup psychotherapy.
  • Serving as a small group consultant for the Washington-Baltimore A.K. Rice Institute,an organization that addresses authority and leadership in group settings.
  • Certification as a Holistic Health Counselor following a one-year program at theInstitute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City (accredited by the AmericanAssociation of Drugless Practitioners).
  • Certified through the Tele-behavioral Health Institute (TBHI) to do individual sessionsonline, using doxy.me software for virtual calls, a Hippa-compliant software.

Innovative Programming

DYNAMIC MEDITATION (DM). In 2010, Claudia created an innovative workshop series called “Dynamic Meditation” that integrates mindfulness, neuroscientific theory, and meditation into a practical and portable coping skill designed to be used in all settings, both clinical and non-clinical.

Grounded in 20 years of experience in Mindfulness Therapy and neuroscience as well as the dedicated personal practice of various forms of meditation, the workshop series applies the Dynamic Meditation coping skill to themes such as: Love and Relationships, Body and Well-being, Money and Abundance, Family and Intimacy and other unique topics. As an extension to the series, Claudia runs meditation workshops for teens entitled Feeling Free.

HOLISTIC HEALTH. In 2015, Claudia became the owner and health coach of BM2DC, a holistic nutritional program that emphasizes the whole individual, with a particular focus on internal obstacles to healthier living. BM2DC explores the symptoms of health issues and physical ailments as unconscious and unprocessed signs of emotional resistance and assists the individual in identifying and overcoming them.

ANXIETY TALKS. Claudia’s latest endeavor fuses her love of neuroscience with the study of epigenetic, neuroimmunology, and quantum physics, concentrating on the effects of anxiety and stress on the mind and body. Following her mission to translate the concepts of holistic well-being and self-reflection into practical, everyday use, in 2018, Claudia designed a series of talks aimed at self-help and self-healing in the face of anxiety. She currently gives talks for teens (entitled Teens Hack Their Anxiety Programs), which provide practical knowledge about anxiety and stress as well as tools to address them.

More About Claudia

Claudia works in private practice at Alexander Psychotherapy Associates in downtown Washington, D.C., where she is one of the four partners. She is bicultural and bilingual in English and Spanish, is proficient in French, and is currently learning Turkish. She spent 27 years living in Asia and Latin America and is nearing 30 years in Washington, D.C., a place she loves. Visit her at www.claudiacauterucci.com for more information.