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What Differentiates Dynamic Meditation From Other Forms of Meditation

One of the most frequent questions I get about my practice of Dynamic Meditation is “How is it different from other types of meditation?” Dynamic Meditation, I respond, is practical and completely portable, meaning it can be done anytime and anywhere. There are no awkward poses or stretches that one has to do. There are no chants, either. Dynamic Meditation is designed to help the practitioner clean up on the feelings that block them from manifesting what they would like to see in their lives.

The simplest way to describe it is with the analogy of a garden. In some forms of meditation, the practitioner is taught to sit in the garden and observe what is present in the garden. They quiet their mind and focus on what is present without trying to change it or judge it. This is sometimes referred to as detached observation meditation and is similar to a child who stares at clouds all afternoon. That child observes the different shapes and neither judges nor tries to change anything about the clouds. He or she just sees them for what they are. The practice of yoga uses a similar concept. It uses the breath and poses to clear the mind and make one more aware of what is happening in the body and the unconscious. Sometimes, the poses actually help release some of the tensions and emotions in the body, but reducing stress and quieting the mind are the chief objectives.

Returning to the analogy, some forms of meditation teach the practitioner to weed the garden. That is, it teaches them to observe what they don’t wish to see in their mind, body, or daily being and to get rid of it. Vipassana and transcendental meditation are great examples of this. These types of meditation are wonderful tools in cleaning up past traumas and neutralizing those things that create anxiety and stress in the practitioner.

In Dynamic Meditation, we add another step. In addition to observing the garden and weeding it, Dynamic Meditation teaches its practitioners to plant what they’d like to see in the garden. It actually helps us to manifest what we’d like to see in our lives, whether that is a new job, a child, more money, or a new love. Anything. We achieve this by setting the intention of what we’d like to manifest and cleaning up on all the negative feelings that prevent us from seeing it. There are a number of tools that help Dynamic Meditators to achieve this, but the goal is to move into a more loving and accepting place. By doing so, we actually create new neural pathways in the brain that allow us to achieve our goals. Eventually, it allows us to thrive effortlessly. To be clear, this is not an easy process – it takes work to begin to live effortlessly and create new experiences, rather than letting our past stories control our lives. Through Dynamic Meditation exercises and releases, the practitioners learn how to minimize the impact of stressful events in their lives by letting go of the negative feelings and experiences and manifesting their vision.







Loving Awareness

Love is so restful.

Yet so ALIVE.

When you stop wanting and start loving nothing can go wrong for you.

Living as love (instead of as a thinking, wanting, resisting mind) is the most delectable feeling in the world.

When any problem arises…

When you feel totally overwhelmed…

When you feel anxious and frightened…

When you feel in over your head…

When you feel like nothing in the world can save you…

Just REST into the feeling of Loving Awareness.

At first you’re mind will try to fight you…

It will tell you to get busy…

It will tell you to worry more…

It will tell you you should be doing something (even if you have no idea what you should be doing)…

No matter…

Release from listening to the mind and simply REST into Loving Awareness and allow Loving Awareness to provide he answers and the solutions for you.

Loving Awareness is ALL KNOWING — and it will ALWAYS take care of you in the most perfect way possible.



 Monarch Butterfly Released

Letting Go of the Good So That It Can Get Better

One of DM’s guiding principles is saying YES when you want to say no, in hopes of promoting peace and acceptance. For me this line is, no doubt, inspirational. It is especially effective when you apply it to every day scenarios to gain momentum and positive energy. This line is also extremely effective in dealing with some of life’s ‘larger’ issues- death, job concerns, financial issues, trauma, etc. Clearly, we all aim to quickly move past these bumps because they are particularly hurtful or painful. This line can really help us heal. It’s fantastic!

But what happens with good memories, and ones that we maybe hold too close, or aim to relive? How do we understand, memorialize, or cherish our positive experiences that we hold so close to hearts? These can sometimes be more painful to deal with than negative experiences. For example, the loss of a lover can leave us wondering: What do all of those amazing memories now mean? How can I get those feelings back? When a family member passes, we may find ourselves sad at the thought of good times that can no longer be a reality. The reflection of a college weekend, can be a symbol of an era since passed. These are some of life’s brightest moments that evoke heart, feeling, memories, and sensations. Extremely powerful to say the least.

Positive experiences, just like negative ones, are meant to be let go. When we find ourselves wrapped in euphoria of an experience since passed, we should welcome the feelings that come up and then release them. Spending too much time trying to hold onto to past memories and figuring out the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of amazing experiences does nothing but distract us from the here and now. It blocks the opportunities that the future holds. Additionally, trying to create new memories, based of experiences in the past, leaves no room for new surprises to delight us.

Releasing on the good can be difficult, especially if you are looking for ways to fill a void that may no longer be present (this void could be a person, a time period, an experience, etc.). BUT LIVING ON PAST MEMORIES KEEPS YOU STUCK IN THE PAST. Recall the good memories, stir your feelings, and let them go! Life can never get better if we cling onto the past, or even the present. We need to consciously and consistently make room in our hearts for NEW GAINS, MEMORIES AND FEELINGS! Life always gets better. All things (good and bad) are meant to leave, so we can peacefully move on with our lives.

So remember: Say YES when you want to say no AND say YES to letting things get even better!!


– J.K (DM Student)




Riding the WAVE Into CAPiness!

When I began my Dynamic Meditation journey, I incorrectly assumed that the top two challenges would be committing to releasing and believing it worked. However, I quickly learned that the actual unexpected challenge about releasing was overcoming the ‘wave’ phenomenon. The wave phenomenon is not a fancy hypothesis that has been proven. It actually is a subjective assessment of what I consider to be the biggest barrier to releasing. Simply put, the wave phenomenon is the rollercoaster ride of positives and negatives that we experience when we release, especially in regards to committing to CAPiness.

If you remember, CAP (Courageousness, Acceptance and Peace) is the desired state for all DMer’s. Also, as I am sure you know, CAPiness takes a considerable amount of work to attain. The reality is that we all take leaps into CAP every now and then. In my instance, it was jumping into courageousness to quit my current job without being 100% certain that another one would pull through. I released. I leapt. I quit. The hard part for me, and I imagine many others, is keeping yourself in CAP after you have leaped there.

Shortly after quitting, the feelings started to quickly roll in. Anxiety about finding a new job. Uncertainty in second guessing my decision. Fear of not being able to make ends meet and being unemployed. I had surfed the top of the wave in CAP, and now I was riding down at the bottom. And the feelings only got deeper. I had accepted uncertainty, so why are tough feelings still surfacing? I felt frustrated, because I had released so much and I could not understand why I was not in CAP. At times I felt like I was in CAP, but I would still feel considerable amounts of unrest. What gives?

After thinking about it a bit more, I came to accept the fact that just because I had been in CAP for a moment, a day, a week, etc. did not mean that I had earned a permanent place there forever. I also realized that the hard part was over… leaping into CAP in the first place to make this life altering decision! The wave was and is a normal part of releasing and experiencing CAP. Like any surfer knows, you have to keep moving to fully ride the wave. No surfer can stay at the peak of the wave!

The takeaway: We all belong in CAP, and the trick is to follow through and follow up. I began releasing on everything, including my feelings around CAPiness. I even released on the act of releasing itself! Needless to say, a job pulled through and it did so without a single day of unemployment. YES!

The wave phenomenon can be tough to deal with… accept it! With more focus and determination, you can ride it right into your state of CAPiness to have the best life that you deserve!


– J.K  (DM Student)








As human beings, we are constantly looking to make our personal situations better. We want results. It is as simple as that. We are always looking for ways to be better off in our lives, whether that be more love, more money, more happiness, new jobs, promotions, shorter commutes, whatever! We want these things because we believe that we will be FREE if we have them.  In DM we call these GAINS!  We do DM to have better lives and to actively create new gains. Ultimately, our truest and highest GAIN is peace; along the way, as we diligently practice Dynamic Meditation, we prove to ourselves that meditation works and that it changes our lives with the GAINS we gather.  In this process, we learn to look for our GAINS and to “grow our ‘gains’ mind”.

However, sometimes the water gets murky; Where are my gains? I want more gains. I have released but there are no gains to be found? How do I get my gains back? These questions are all too common, but there is still one important question that is missing. Why? If your gains have stopped, ask yourself why. If you are not seeing your results, ask yourself why! Some people start to get gains, get too comfortable and the gains stop. Some are not measuring their gains enough. Others get stuck in their meditation and fail to get back on track. These are common and easy ways to get lost!!

But remember, DM is about results. DM causes results and they are called GAINS. Period. Meditation brings direct changes to your life that lead to a more loving, joyful and calm existence. Remember that when you did the introductory workshop, you had immediate gains! Whether big or small, you had gains!! They will continue to come, as long as you are still practicing the DM method. It happens to me every, single day. I see gains on what I release on. And gains get quicker. I promise! So stay on top of it, keep using the skill. Use your tools. Measure the results! Measure, measure, measure! This allows you to track your results.

Another great way to get results is to come back! If you are stuck, sign up for an advanced course, get a releasing partner, join our Weekly or Virtual groups, or do one of our Homework Sessions! We are all about creating a better life! WE WILL DO IT WITH YOU and we are here to be your partner. There is still so much more room to grow- love, family, money, body, whatever! Push the ceiling on this!

Life only gets better, and that is the truth. So get back on track, SAY YES, and let’s continue to rack up those gains!!!!!










The New Year is well underway and with it may you have many new joys, experiences and opportunities! The New Year is always a great time to take a moment to recount all of the happenings (good and bad) of year’s past and set goals and get ready for all of the exciting things that lie ahead in the coming year! With that spirit in mind, I am excited to announce some big changes that are coming to Dynamic Meditation. As we begin to approach our 5 year anniversary, I started to reflect on the DM technique and give some thought as to why I love it. I love it because it changes lives, because it is practical, because it works. It gives hope. The success stories that I have experienced and heard from my fellow practitioners drive me to offer it to even more people. I am thriving off of your joys and accomplishments!

I have said ‘YES’ to developing DM to be the best that it can be. In 2014, I will be expanding DM to be the most accessible, most convenient, most effective meditation and life-coaching tool for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. I will be offering additional workshops, new forums, more resources and more integrated health and well-being support. My team is working first to simply our process to best embody the core values that we operate on. From there we will aim to offer these additional DM enhancements and reach more people. I cannot tell you how blessed and excited that I am!!!

Thank you so much to all of my DMer’s who have helped me grow to this point. I truly appreciate your support and I look forward to continuing to grow with you. As for all of my novice or potential DM practitioners – welcome aboard and I look forward to working with you to share the best meditation and life-enhancing tool that is out there!!!

Strap in, hold on tight, and SAY YES, because here we go!!!