Happy 2016!


We’re very excited to announce several changes to Dynamic Meditation! Dynamic Meditation is bursting with new surprises!

First and foremost: A full year of engaging workshops have been scheduled for 2016! Sign up on our website at Workshop/Registration today! And for the first time ever, you can purchase Dynamic Meditation packages with significant savings! Don’t forget: Participation in the Introductory Course is required before all other sessions, so we’ve conveniently scheduled one every other month, beginning in January.

If you’re a monthly meditation subscriber, we’re also excited to announce that it will be easier than ever to access and view your Dynamic Meditation recordings. That’s right — view — as we’re moving to YouTube! Gone are the days of manually downloading recordings from your email. On February 1st, we’ll transition to our YouTube channel DM You Tube channel, where your recordings will be available for you in video format. Each time that a new video is added, you’ll receive an email direct from our YouTube channel to let you know that its ready for you to watch. We hope that you enjoy the added convenience of our new YouTube channel!

If you’re not already familiar with Dynamic Meditation, here’s a brief description: Dynamic Meditation is more than meditation — it is a way of life.

As an active, insightful form of meditation, it can be applied anytime, anywhere and in any situation. Dynamic Meditation is based on a process of self-inquiry and is an everyday tool that helps participants to manage impulsive emotional reactions and leads them toward a more joyful and abundant life. It supports the elimination of the baggage that incites rash emotional responses from within us, holding us back from achieving peace.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the program. We wish you all the best in the New Year! We’ll see you at Dynamic Meditation in 2016 — when we’ll announce even more new and exciting changes!


Claudia Cauterucci

Founder, Dynamic Meditation.