Family and Intimacy Workshop

family holding hands



Say Yes… to letting go of the past and finding new ways to live a more peaceful life!

Our original experiences surrounding family can inhibit the joy in our own lives. Our families formed our original neuropathways. What we believe and how we behave around love are deeply rooted in those experiences.

Exploring family relationships and the roots of our reactions will help to let go of the past and create new ways to achieve peace in the future.

In this workshop, participants will apply the unique Dynamic Meditation skill and find and examine their first conscious and unconscious teachings around love, family and intimacy.

Participants will become more aware of how the past is impacting how they love others and will be empowered to be courageous and remove what prevents them from living peacefully. Are you ready to let go of the past?

In this workshop, you will:
Learn and understand your way of loving others through reviews of the four attachment styles proposed by Bowlby’s Attachment Theory
Meditate to “clean up” issues surrounding your nuclear family: mother, father, siblings or others who raised you
Gain awareness of your disapproval
Replace disapproval with love and approval to baseline your new reaction to love, family and intimacy

The FAMILY AND INTIMACY Workshop is for Alumni only.  The Introductory Workshop is a pre-requisite.