Feeling Free Workshop for Kids and Teens

Kids Meditation



Say Yes… to helping your child or teen be free of the negative feelings that hold them back from enjoying their everyday lives and achieving their dreams.

Children and teens who are holding on to excess feelings may become anxious or insecure. Addressing feelings of anger, apathy, fear, grief, lust, pride or sadness can create more peace and harmony in their relationships and everyday lives.

In this physically active, engaging workshop, children and teens of all ages identify which feelings make them uncomfortable or hold them back, then apply the unique Dynamic Meditation skill to work through those feelings in a group environment.

In this workshop, children and teens will:
Participate in a safety ritual that helps them to feel secure sharing their feelings and stories in a group setting
Learn that everyone is born love
Learn about and explore their feelings of anger, apathy, fear, grief, lust, pride or sadness and actively apply the Dynamic Meditation skill
Identify which feelings are making them uncomfortable or holding them back
Participate in physically active activities that serve as examples to help them understand the impact of holding onto negative feelings they can be free from and how to let them go
Learn that holding onto negative excess feelings is hiding their love and limiting their ability to feel free
Learn that what we think is shown in both our reactions and interactions with others.