Love and Relationships Workshop




Say Yes… to letting go of your fears and learning how to become love! When you become love, it comes to you freely.

Relationships are intimately connected to our basic desires for love and security, and stimulate our innermost feelings. These feelings from within are extremely valuable, regardless of whether a relationship is good or bad.

Addressing individual longing for safety, control and approval opens participant’s hearts, minds and souls to truly loving others and ourselves.

In this workshop, participants will apply the unique Dynamic Meditation skill and understand whether they are truly loving others or driven by safety, control and approval.

Participants will study love in its many disguises and understand that it is the most powerful force. Becoming love opens you up to both giving and receiving it. Are you open to becoming love?

In this workshop, you will:
Explore your attachments and aversions to present love opportunities and understand the unconscious obstacles that inhibit love from being in your life today
Examine past relationships with family members, friends and lovers, then meditate to “clean up” and create ample space for new love to appear
Notice who you want to be separate from and why
Release the reactions that create your desire for separateness

The LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS COURSE is for Alumni only.  The Introductory Workshop is a pre-requisite.