Money and Abundance Workshop

money falling in the sky



Say Yes… to learning to have your money work for you. Our mind is in constant survival mode surrounding money, creating negativity within us and inhibiting peaceful clarity.

Learn how the inner being can be consciously adjusted to let go of the uncertainty and build trust with money.

In this workshop, participants will apply the unique Dynamic Meditation skill and find and examine the stories and beliefs that they have surrounding money and free themselves of the negativity and disharmony that money creates in their lives.

It’s amazing how money, like everything else, flows when we break away from uncertainty about it!

Participants will explore their attachments and aversions to money and learn that disharmony can swell up within us when we hold on to the negative energy surrounding money. Are you prepared to stop the worry?

In this workshop, you will:

Understand that money, like everything else, is an energy that you tend to hold onto, which can create disharmony within you
Learn how to let go of “figuring it out” and free yourself from disapproval
Meditate to “clean up” money stories and perceptions and create new perspectives on money that give you choice and freedom
Learn the powerful impact that love has on all of your money-related thoughts and feelings

The MONEY AND ABUNDANCE is for Alumni only.  The Introductory Workshop is a pre-requisite.