The Body and Well-Being Workshop

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Say Yes… to stepping away from the endless, overwhelming number of ways to improve our bodies and health when the real answer is within us.

Learn to employ Dynamic Meditation to create a state of mind that enables them to begin and continue desired changes at the deepest level of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Discover and remove unconscious beliefs that inhibit attempts to improve wellbeing.

In this workshop, participants will apply the unique Dynamic Meditation skill and learn how targeting their internal workings allows them to develop and maintain real lifestyle and pattern changes that help them to achieve their goals.

Participants will create intentions on their body and health and understand their attachments and aversions to following through with their goals. Are you ready to achieve them?

In this workshop, you will:
Learn how your body provides powerful signals based on what you hold onto in your mind—whether its positive or negative; conscious or unconscious
Meditate to “clean up” past messages you have received about your body
Become an active choice-maker about your relationship and body in the present
Explore the ways you become separate from your body and the powerful effect it has in loving yourself and others
Understand how safety, control and approval drive your relationship with your body

The BODY AND WELL-BEING Workshop is for Alumni only.  The Introductory Workshop is a pre-requisite.